Milla-Kariina Oja is a contemporary visual artist currently based in Helsinki. Her work navigates between photography and moving image. The on-going themes, in her work, have been questions related to home and lived environment, the experience and meaning of one's own space and place in global world. Her recent cinematic installations deal with human being's intimate and profound relationship with nature and our very existence as part of nature. Her approach to image- and filmmaking is experimental and often has performative elements.

Oja's works have been exhibited in galleries, art centres and museums in Europe and China, among others at Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Beijing, Lianzhou International Photography Festival in South China, Photography Gallery Hippolyte in Helsinki and Centro de Cultura Contemporánia de Barcelona. She was one of the artists selected for the Turku Biennial 2015 at The Museum of History and Contemporary Art, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova.

Oja graduated from the department of art and design at Manchester Metropolitan University in 1999. She studied in a fine arts PhD program at the University of Barcelona until 2002. She lived and worked for the first 10 years of her career in Barcelona and Beijing.